Rishi’s Mom Urges Him to Settle Down, Unaware of His Engagement to Jen on ’90 Day’

Rishis Mom Urges Him to Settle Down Unaware of His Engagement to Jen G6zyw 1 1

Rishi’s mother intends to present him to a prospective wife but is unaware that he is already engaged to a woman from the United States.

The time has not yet come for Rishi Singh to inform his family about Jen Boecher.

On the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way episode that aired on Sunday night, 32-year-old Rishi experienced pressure from his family to be married. He hasn’t yet made public the fact that he is engaged to Jen, 46.

Rishi’s mother pushed him to return to the dating scene over a family meal. In English, Rishi’s mother stated about his sister, “We got her married.” “You consider yours. Get yourself a girl.”

Rishi gave the justification that he is simply too busy for romance. There are so many things going on right now that I need time, but I will be married anyhow,” he declared.

But his mother doesn’t accept the justification. She said, “You keep repeating, ‘I don’t have time, don’t have time.’” “Coming soon are marriage proposals. Salute them. Check on them.”

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90 Day Rishi Continues to Hide His Engagement to Jen — Even When His 52Zwb 2 4

“A marriage proposal has arrived from the countryside,” Rishi’s mother said. Their family’s plans to meet the next day just add to the surprise.

Rishi said to the cameras that Jen is unaware that his mother is attempting to pair him up with an Indian woman. The family is unaware that Jen is leaving America for India since they are engaged to be married.

Rishi’s family has already met Jen, but not in a romantic sense. She was previously described by him as a buddy. Jen hasn’t traveled to India in more than two years because of COVID. Also, there has been no movement in Rishi telling his family the truth about his current romantic situation.

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It is customary in Indian culture, Rishi’s family wanted him to have an arranged marriage. He indicated a wish for a marriage that was filled with love, and his family was accepting of this.

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In earlier episodes, Rishi said that while his family was okay with his getting married for love, he wasn’t sure how they would feel if he wed an older American lady.

The relationship bump isn’t bothering Jen all that much right now. She informed her loved ones that Rishi’s family is still unaware of their connection and that she plans to watch how things develop.

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